Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Virtual Hospitals & Clinic?

Virtual Hospitals & Clinic is the only mobile health service that accepts emergency and non-emergency calls without members having to schedule an appointment or wait for a physician call back.

Virtual Hospitals & Clinic's primary objective is to increase access to healthcare and reduce costs for individuals and families. It is the also the first non-insurance health care plan that includes a prescription medical plan or a customized Medical Kit allowing their physicians to solve hundreds of the most common ailments without members having to leave their home or office.

Our Board certifies doctors have vast experience through thousands of MedCalls and MedKits founded Virtual Hospitals & Clinic with the goal of bringing patients immediate, direct care by a physician over the telephone. The idea for Virtual Hospitals & Clinic started with helping people in remote situations who lacked access to emergency care.

2. What is Mobile Health (mHealth)?

mHealth (also written as m-health or mobile health is a term used for the practice of medicine and public health, supported by mobile devices. The term is most commonly used in reference to using mobile communication devices, such as mobile phones, tablet computers and PDAs, for health services and information. Virtual Hospitals & Clinic has taken this to a whole new level with integrating prescription medications and emergency medical transportation.

3. What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is physician guidance over web or phone, based on the patient's medical history. This emerging field of medicine is also referred to as Telehealth or Telecare. Since we are the only service that accepts Emergency Calls, we are considered a Tele-Triage Service.

The American Telemedicine Association formally defines it as the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient's clinical health status. Telemedicine includes a growing variety of applications and services using two-way video, email, smart phones, wireless tools and other forms of telecommunications technology. Membership

4. Who can become a member?

Health Plans: The standard health care plans are designed for everyone two years and older. All pre-existing conditions are accepted without restriction. All associations and industries are welcome. We are accepting memberships in all 50 states.

5. What Services are offered?

MedCall -Instant access to U.S. based emergency trained board certified physician without appointment or physician call back 24-7.

MedKit -A prescription medical kit personalized and prescribed for each member.

Future services will include wireless health care monitoring for home health care, senior centers and post-surgery members. Short-term and long-term plans will be available.

6. Are these services meant to replace the primary care physician?

Virtual Hospitals & Clinic's services do not replace the need for a Primary Care Physician. The services are designed to improve access to health care. When necessary the member will be instructed to follow-up with their Primary Care Physician or an emergency or urgent care provider. You VHC medical records are HIPAA compliant and can be electronically accessed by approved medical professionals to continue your care when appropriate.

7. How does a member sign up?

For individuals and households you may go to Choose a product and follow the easy order process online.

8. Are there age restrictions for who can be a member?

Standard health care plans are designed for ages two to sixty years old. Group and association health care plans are available for seniors above sixty.

9. Can all my family members use the service?

We offer household accounts covering up to 6 members living at the same location. There are no relationship requirements so friends and family are accepted under the same household account.

10. What happens after member enrollment?

You will receive a Welcome email with instructions for setting up your member portal. Once you set up your portal you will be asked to provide basic medical history information. Your account is immediately activated.

11. What is Call Virtual Hospitals & Clinic First?

When a member needs medical attention, simply click the app on your phone or dials the 800# and in a few minutes you'll know what the doctor recommends. Professional advice immediately can save lives and money.

12. Do you have to be a US Citizen to enroll?

No. All US residents who enroll have immediate access to U.S. based emergency trained board certified physicians.

13. How are members medical records maintained?

All records are stored in a HIPAA compliant patient management portal limiting access to authorized health professionals or the individual member.

14. What does HIPAA Compliant Mean?

HIPAA stands for the "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996" Visit the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website for the official guidelines to HIPAA.

15. Can a member access their personal medical records?

All members will have access to their medical records 24 hours a day. Members have the ability to print, save or electronically send via email their medical records. Inactive member's medical records including health information are stored for a limited amount of time and then deleted.

16. How does Virtual Hospitals & Clinic obtain the members medical history?

New members enter their basic health information immediately after the membership is activated. The physician updates the record after each consultation.

17. What if a member has a preexisting health condition?

Pre-existing conditions are accepted. Members include their medical condition when completing their health records and the physician will review them prior or during consultation.

18. How many members are included in a household account?

Six household members are included for each household account. An additional $10 per month is charged for additional members above five.

19. How does a member add an additional household member to the account?

If you currently have less than five members in your household account, you may login to your member portal and add additional members.

20. What if a household member moves to college? Are they still part of the household?

As long as the member has the same address as the primary account holder's address, they are still considered a member of the household. Members may acquire additional MedKits at a discounted rate for household members traveling or living abroad.

21. When should a member make a MedCall?

Any time a member needs medical attention they should call Virtual Hospitals & Clinic. Our physicians are specifically trained to take both Emergency and Non-emergency calls. Call Virtual Hospitals & Clinic and in a few minutes know what the doctor recommends. If there is a life-threatening emergency the member should always call 911, and it's recommended they also make the MedCall if they are able. Having the doctor's guidance throughout the process can help the emergency personnel make more rapid decisions. Time is of essence in an emergency situation and having immediate access to a licensed physician saves lives.

22. What conditions are treated?

The member can call with any condition. If the member thinks they need to see a doctor, they should make the MedCall. If a specific condition or situation requires a specialist for further or immediate evaluation the MedCall team of physicians and health professionals will assist the member in understanding their next steps in continuing quality health care the member needs.

The most common conditions include:

  • Cold & Flu Symptoms
  • Bronchitis
  • Allergies
  • Poison Ivy & Oak
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Sinus Problems
  • Ear Infections
  • Blood Pressure
  • Quit Smoking

  • 23. How much should a member expect to save on their health insurance?

    We cannot guarantee any specific amount of savings. If the member doesn't Call Virtual Hospitals & Clinic First before heading to the doctor's office, emergency room or urgent care center, members are wasting time and money for themselves and their employer.

    24. Must a member file a claim with their insurance carrier before or after making a MedCall?

    No. Virtual Hospitals & Clinic services are not regulated under insurance guidelines. The member's consultation is recorded, documented and available for the members to share with their other health practitioners.

    25. Where are the physicians located?

    All Physicians are licensed under the laws required in each state. In most cases, your physician will be a resident in your state but in the event one is not available, we would utilize physicians in neighboring states who hold secondary state licenses. The physicians are not required to work for a specific office or location. They make themselves available during assigned shifts.

    26. Does the physician review the member's medical history before consultation?

    Six household members are included for each household account. An additional $10 per month is charged for additional members above five.

    27. What is MedCall?

    MedCall is a Telemedicine based health care plan where the member receives instant access to emergency trained physicians who are prepared to advise, prescribe and refer over the phone and Internet. What separates Virtual Hospitals & Clinic from all other telemedicine providers and health plans is the instant access to emergency trained physicians that accept both emergency and non-emergency calls.

    28. What happens when I make the call?

    When you call, a live-coordinator will quickly verify your identity in the Virtual Hospitals & Clinic patient database. After verification you will immediately be connected with an emergency trained, board-certified physician who is licensed in your State. The physician will be your first consultation, and when appropriate will write a prescription for you and call it in to the pharmacy you choose.

    Your Identification is linked to your phone number in our database and it automatically links to the appropriate health records. Your records are presented on the call coordinator's monitor immediately on call pick-up. This information will then stay with your call as you are connected with the physician.

    29. Is there a co-pay or deductible ?

    No. MedCall and MedKit services are provided without co-pay or deductible for members.

    30. Do I have to set an appointment to speak to a physician?

    All calls are accepted without appointment. The call coordinator will verify your membership and connect you with an emergency trained physician within minutes. The average connection time is under two minutes when a member calls from a registered phone number. If you call from a different phone, the call coordinator will verify your name, date of birth and location.

    31. Can a member make a MedCall from anywhere?

    Yes. The member may call the physician without appointment from anywhere on the planet that a member can access a telephone line or Internet connection to make the MedCall

    32. When a member travels outside the United States, do they call the same number?

    Yes, enter US country code first, 001 before the toll free number. For example Dial 0011800-xxx-xxxx

    33. Is there a cost per call?

    It depends on which MedCall plan you subscribe to. We offer monthly programs with unlimited access and no consultation charges. We also offer group plans wherein plan participants may be required to pay a small consultation fee. A member can call any time of day or night.

    34. Does the physician have a time limit on member consultations?

    No. The physicians have no time restrictions while consulting members. The average member spends 15 minutes consulting with the Virtual Hospitals & Clinic physician.

    35. How many times can a member call?

    A member may call for any medical reason. There is no set limit to the number of times the member can make a medical call and speak with a physician over the phone or web. The physician will give specific orders at the end of the consultation and in most cases members receive follow-up calls to assure the member is receiving the care they need when they need it.

    36. Will a member always speak with the same physician when they call?

    The member may or may not speak to the same physician. When VHC physicians are off shift another emergency trained and licensed physician is on call and will have immediate access to the previous physician's notes, recommendations and prescriptions. In addition, call coordinators are always on staff organizing and orchestrating the follow-up activities with every member to assure a high level of care when the member needs it.

    37. What is MedKit?

    The MedKit is a customized, non-narcotic based prescription medical kit. It is the same medical kit that our emergency trained physicians would bring with them on a house call.

    Hundreds of common ailments and medical situations are solved immediately by using the "MedCall" in conjunction with the "MedKit". All group plans that include a "MedKit" include free prescription refills, further reducing utilization costs of more expensive health insurance.

    Typically a Medkit can contain the following:


    Ibuprofen 400mg

    Nitrostat 0.4mg

    Gentamycin eye solution

    "Ace" bandage 4"


    Acetominophen 500mg

    Epinephrine 1mg/ml with syringes

    Triamcinolone 0.1% cream

    Gauze roller bandage


    Cyclobenzaprine 10mg

    Loratidine 10mg

    Toothache outfit

    Paper tape


    Aspirin 325mg

    Loperamide 2mg

    Benzodent ointment packets

    Cloth tape


    Aspirin 81mg

    Prednisone 20mg

    Neomycin/polymyxin/HC otic suspension

    Splinter forceps



    Ranitidine 150mg

    Throat lozenges

    Assorted bandaids



    Phenytoin 100mg

    Eye wash 30ml

    Pregnancy tests

    Tolnaftate cream



    Guaifenesin liquid


    Triple antibiotic ointment packets


    Antacid tablets

    Terbinafine cream

    Nitrile exam gloves

    Nix cream



    Hydrocortisone cream 1%




    Clonidine 0.1mg

    Debrox drops




    Metformin 500mg



    38. How can you ship a prescription medical kit if the doctor has not seen the patient in person?

    Before a prescription MedKit is shipped, each member completes health information questionnaire, is spoken to by a Virtual Hospitals & Clinic health practitioner, and reviewed by a Virtual Hospitals & Clinic physician.

    39. How much does it cost to refill a prescription used from the MedKit?

    There is no cost. When you subscribe to the MedKit for $10 per month, your refills are free. When you make a MedCall and the physician prescribes from the MedKit, a refill of that prescription will be sent to the member a few days after the call to assure the MedKit is complete and ready for the next MedCall.

    40. What happens when prescriptions in the MedKit expire?

    Prescriptions in the MedKit expire two years after the MedKit is prescribed. Prior to expiration, the member will receive, at no charge, replacement prescription medication to help assure the MedKit is ready to assist the physician whenever required.

    41. Can a member purchase additional MedKits?

    Yes. Additional MedKits are sold at a discount to existing members. The most common reasons a member purchases additional MedKits are for putting them in RV's, Boats, additional homes or remote offices, as well as for household members living abroad for a short period of time, like a college student.

    42. How long does it take to receive the MedKit after the membership is activated?

    A MedKit is shipped to the member only after the member, or primary member of the household, complete the basic health information. Once the basic health information is confirmed it can take two-to-three weeks for the member to receive their MedKit.

    43. Can the MedKit be personalized for the member?

    Yes, each MedKit can be personalized for a specific member. In addition to purchasing additional items for the kit, the MedKit may be personalized at no charge with items that best fit the member's health needs as disclosed in their health records and prescribed by the physician. A new member will receive a phone consultation with a health advisor prior to shipping the MedKit.

    44. Is there a co-pay or deductible for using prescriptions within MedKit?

    No. There is no co-pay or deductible when a when a physician prescribes the use of a prescription medicine from the MedKit.

    45. Does a member need pre-approval before having 911 transport him or her to nearest appropriate facility?

    Preapproval is not necessary for scene transports to the hospital, but it is required for interfacility transports to a necessary higher level of care. To see all the complete terms and conditions use this link.

    46. What if a member already has full health insurance coverage?

    Virtual Hospitals & Clinic health care plans were developed to reduce the overall cost of health insurance and to help members prevent the use of their required deductibles. The more times a member uses MedCall and MedKit services, the less they'll need to spend on the higher cost health care provided by insurance carriers.

    47. Is a member required to have health insurance?

    No. All services are provided without bias to those with health insurance or not.

    48. Are these Health Care plans considered health Insurance?

    No. All Virtual Hospitals & Clinic health care plans are non-insurance based health care plans developed by emergency trained physicians providing immediate high quality care for its members. If any re-imbursement is due to a member for Virtual Hospitals & Clinic services from any entity including an insurance provider or tax agency, the member is responsible and should seek professional tax advice.

    49. How can using MedCall and MedKit reduce the cost of health care insurance?

    The American Medical Association through an extensive study determined that 70% of doctor's office visits and 40% of emergency room visits would have never happened if a patient had consulted with a physician first. Virtual Hospitals & Clinic makes consulting with a physician more convenient and more cost-effective than any other health provider.

    When a member makes the MedCall, it removes many of the barriers between the patient and the physician so they are focused on care, not setting appointments, driving to the doctor's office or to the ER. In many cases the patient, if they are feeling sick or injured, can avoid driving to pick up a prescription and stay right where they are and rest. That's because the MedCall and MedKit include treatments for hundreds of common ailments.

    50. How does this lower my health insurance costs?

    Using VHC Services helps avoid expensive deductibles included with health insurance. Overall reducing in-office visits by as much as 70% lowers the expense of insurance; Reports conclude when you have the ability to speak with a physician, ER visits are reduced by 40%; and, emergency medical transportation is reduced by 20%. Many are finding that a complete mHealth solution decreases health insurance utilization costs by 40%.

    Prescription Policy Q&A

    51. Prescription Policy

    a. Can the doctor prescribe a prescription over the phone?
    No. All Virtual Hospitals & Clinic health care plans are non-insurance based health care plans developed by emergency trained physicians providing immediate high quality care for its members. If any re-imbursement is due to a member for Virtual Hospitals & Clinic services from any entity including an insurance provider or tax agency, the member is responsible and should seek professional tax advice.

    b. Is the member guaranteed to receive a prescription over the phone?
    Virtual Hospitals & Clinic physicians will prescribe medications over the telephone appropriate to the treatment recommended. They will have a patient's complete electronic medical history to help decide what medications to prescribe.

    c. What prescriptions can the doctor prescribe?
    Ask your Virtual Hospitals & Clinic physician about certain medications at any time during your MedCall. Without face-to-face meeting the law does not allow prescriptions for controlled substances. The doctor is able to prescribe medications normally used in the course of their practice, and each Virtual Hospitals & Clinic physician is emergency trained and will suggest medications appropriate to the treatment.

    d. What if I need a narcotic prescription?
    A Virtual Hospitals & Clinic physician is not permitted by law to prescribe narcotic or controlled substances during the MedCall. If controlled substances or narcotics are necessary, your Virtual Hospitals & Clinic emergency trained physician will immediately guide you according to your individual circumstances. Only non-narcotic prescriptions are included with your MedKit and are not covered under our complimentary replacement plan.

    e. Can the physician refill my existing prescription?
    Virtual Hospitals & Clinic physicians can refill many existing prescriptions following a consultation and based on your medical health history. Simply make a MedCall and you will be speaking to talk to a doctor in moments.

    f. How are prescriptions filled?
    Following your MedCall consultation, a prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice closest to you for you to pick up as soon as they can prepare the medications.

    g. Do you offer a prescription discount program?
    Prescriptions are included with MedKit and are then replenished automatically at no charge to the customer after use, and automatically before they expire. There are no fees for prescription refills or replacement for members with an active subscription of a health plan that includes MedKit.

    h. How do they prevent abuse of prescription drugs?
    If a member takes a medication out of the MedKit without making a call to a physician, it will not be replaced at no charge as it was not prescribed. We make our service available immediately so we can make sure the patient takes the appropriate medications and appropriate actions to heal well. If a member takes medication without consulting a physician their services may be terminated.

    52. Does this replace my primary care physician?

    No. We work closely with primary care physicians around the globe. We remove unnecessary office visits and help improve those that are necessary by deliver clear advice and even delivering updated health records for the physician the patient will see face-to-face when necessary.