Virtual Hospital & Clinics is Disruptive, Industry-leading, Next Gen, Concierge Level Global Tele-health Solutions

Subscribers may contact our physicians, live, anytime, from anywhere or any way that is convenient. We make it easy; ensuring excellent patient experiences. Our teams of Board Certified Emergency physicians, business professionals, and operations staff ensure quality in all that we touch. Highest level service is the cornerstone of what we do. We employ Emergency doctors, taking dedicated shifts, to give anytime/anywhere access to patients for routine or urgent medical consults. When you call, you are treated well, with patience, kindness, and world-class expertise.

Emergency room claims are the highest, averaging $1200-1500/per visit, across the U.S. (N.I.H.) providing a much-needed service, and being involved in local communities, we believe in "doing well by doing good." Our mission is to mobilize your health, with care. Virtual Hospital & Clinics is proudly U.S. based, with presences on West and East Coasts, and services that reach around the world.


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Health care brought to you, is the cornerstone of our business. Our Emergency physicians and operations teams are committed to your needs first. We have put together complete home medical kits, as well as diagnostic kits.


Our Diagnostic kit puts tools in your hand to assist our physicians in getting you fast, accurate treatment. Gather your vital signs, through our useful tools, before making your VHC MedCall and you will be able to offer the Emergency physician a better look into your current health situation.


  4G Connected Tablet with All Needed Software
  USB Otoscope
  Pulse Oximeter

  Blood Pressure Cuff
  12 Lead ECG


Our Medkit is designed to provide you with a supply of medications to treat the most common ailments that our patients complain of. There are antibiotics, allergy and gastrointestinal medications included. Having medications on hand will save you a trip out to the pharmacy, allowing you to get quicker treatment from the comfort of your own home. 60% of the prescriptions sent by our Emergency physicians are in our Medkit.

Kit Contents:

  Red Bag – Antibiotics
  Blue Bag – Gastro / Digestives
  Yellow Bag – Respiratory & Allergy
  Green Bag – First Aid & General Medications


Virtual Hospital & Clinics specializes in today's telemedicine model : 24/7/365 access to a national network of board-certified physicians, electronic health records, phone and video consultations, treatment options, referrals and prescriptions when indicated. Seeing an Emergency physician can now be convenient, enjoyable and affordable- the way it should be.

Per Call Fee - Only pay on utilization, or capitated plans available
Board Certified Emergency physicians with years of U.S. experience
Takes all calls for all reasons
All physicians work dedicated shifts, no call-backs
Real-time reporting to plan administrators
Plan document steerage/consulting, we aim to help increase utilization, saving company money in long run

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